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ZUM Unterrichten


Thematic scope

all school subjects


Target groups

Teachers (middle and high school)


Access, language, country of origin german



Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien im Internet e. V.



ZUM Unterrichten presents itself as "an open, non-commercial platform for teaching materials and ideas" and is a project of the Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien im Internet e. V., which in turn is an association of teachers and interested parties for "the dissemination of free teaching and learning materials on the Internet". In accordance with the Wiki principle, the possibilities for collaboration in the Wiki ZUM Unterrichten are limited to the posting and updating of freely usable teaching materials. There is an explicit call to do this without naming a specific target group, also in connection with the promotion of OER: "You too can help to spread free offers and also the idea of Open Educational Resources (OER)". Since ZUM brings together other projects and contact points in addition to ZUM Unterrichten, a wide range of opportunities for participation have developed, which cannot be presented exhaustively here. The structure of the association also opens up the possibility of membership, which is free of charge for natural persons.



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