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Thematic scope

Materials for digigtal and non-digital teaching

all school subjects


Target groups

Teachers (all types of schools)



Access, language, country of origin german


Provider e.V.



WirLernenOnline is both a search engine and a webportal with a specialist editorial team for OER and is a collaborative platform initiated by "Bündnis Freie Bildung, Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., edu-sharing Network e.V.", whereby WLO actively presents itself as a "community". The aim is to facilitate teaching and learning "through the central compilation of valuable content, tools and methods". WirLernenOnline works with a multi-stage quality assurance process that includes legal and content-related criteria. Since materials from other sources are also collected and linked, the review process implies an AI-supported review of various legal criteria and (meta-)data before expert editors finally decide on relevance, accuracy, language, target group orientation and topicality. People with "teaching experience" curated the material collections of "their subject" and oriented themselves to common curricular topics.



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