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Ugglans No


Thematic scope



Target groups

Children, parents and teachers. Ages 13-15 Secondary compulsory school/high school.


Access, language, country of origin Swedish



Oskar Uggla, a teacher in mathematics and science who developed the on-line material to improve his own teaching.



The purpose is to make teaching accessible for parents and to adapt teaching to a diversity of learners.Also, to make teaching and learning mor inclusive since the material is accessible everywhere Information to teachers on how to use this recourse. Educational videos or voice recordings, illustrative pictures, information on content, interactive exercises to learn concepts and facts: Kahoots and Quizlets and Tabs. There are also exercises through which the student can assess their own knowledge in the area at hand. These evaluation exercises always state the goal and idea of the exercise and also what abilities is focused on.  Materials to print can be bought.


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