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The potential of open education communities to transform education

Lane, A., Comas-Quinn, A. & Thompson, S. (2014). Inclusion In, and Exclusion From, Open Education Communities. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, (2), 1-2.

Collected by

Bielefeld University, DE


This editorial follows the 'Building communities of open practice' theme from the OER14 conference held in Newcastle in 2014, introducing the selected papers. Those will delve into the potential for openness in engaging communities when referring to the potential to transform education, pointing out the possible barriers to this process.

The authors align open licensing with the creation of a culture of inclusion but simultaneously acknowledge that openness and potential inclusiveness are not necessarily perceived that way. Despite their conviction of openness being of great inclusive potential, they regard the barriers to realising that potential.

This short editorial serves as a reminder to constantly balance out the recognition of potentials with the ways in which those are currently being limited and hindered.




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