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Teaching with digital mathematics textbooks

Utterberg Modén, M. (2021) TEACHING WITH DIGITAL MATHEMATICS TEXTBOOKS Activity theoretical studies of data-driven technology in classroom practices


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Teachers need more time, competence and resources if digital textbooks in mathematics are to work. At the same time, the digital textbooks offer new ways of understanding teaching and the content and methods as it includes flexibility and opportunities to adapt content. Also, the textbook itself is adapting to the student meanwhile it is used. This is in the thesis understood as both the learning environment as well as the tasks being adjusted and developed during the teaching and learning. Teachers were ambivalent as they lacked the structure and linearity provided by printed books, these things and students learning paths, were something the teachers now had to provide themselves. Also, they experienced that the digital textbook not always shared their own sociomathematical norms or norms for good teaching. In short; the textbooks are excellent for making learning more individualized and specialized, but at the same time deprives the classroom of the more collective learning processes and general learning targets. This includes the teachers more relational and in situ knowledge, sense and communication with and between student on their thinking as they solve problems. These aspects were more cloaked when using the digital textbook.

Inclusion and Digitalisation Digitalisation is talked about obviously but not inclusion- at least not explicitly. Adaptions and flexibility trough the textbook is mentioned as positive for individualising teaching.

Feasibility for this project This publication is of interest as it discusses the design of a digital textbook and the consequences for learning and teaching. Also, what prerequisites are needed in order to provide high quality teaching with them and their limitations as well as opportunities.




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