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Teacher use of OERs

Otto, D. (2019). Offene Bildungsressourcen (OER) in der Lehrerausbildung. Die Bedeutung von Einstellungen und Kontextfaktoren. Medien in der Wissenschaft 75, 221-226.


Collected by

Bielefeld University, DE


The author describes the potentials that OER holds for teachers, both in training and in the planning and implementation of lessons. Reasons are given that have so far prevented teachers from using OER.

Against the background of only low dissemination and use of OER in the school sector - despite the broad offer - the article asks what influences teachers' use of OER.

Time constraints, the lack of a central repository for OER, legal uncertainties, and a lack of technical expertise account for the discrepancies between attitudes and behaviors. By revealing the discrepancies, the paper captures a fundamental problem of OER. By addressing structural conditions, it mitigates the responsibilization of teachers to use OER and thus represents a key resource for the project.




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