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What is an OER for you?

I'm hearing about OER for the first time, probably. If I understand correctly, so mostly I use worksheets or videos. Specific sources, it is website Občankař, CT Edu, JSNS – "One World Is Not Enough", Ema …

What does your work with OER look like?

So it always depends on what topic we're talking and dealing with. I'll look for the appropriate website accordingly. I specify or define, as precisely as possible, the name of the topic that we are going to discuss and then I go by the attractivity... of that material, which I then choose for my lesson, which is the most suitable, which I like the most and I think that maybe the children need it the most.


[This is] Based on my own experience… and the needs of the class, because I don't think every class is the same, and what applies or what works for one class doesn't work for another… and if it makes sense to me, and if the curriculum builds well on itself…. The main feedback is in that lesson when they use that resource and just on those kids, on those students, I can see how much they enjoyed it in that lesson… Their feedback, if they would like to do something similar next time, and based on that I just decide whether to continue with this resource, this platform or maybe try another one… The clarity of the resource is the most important.

What is your understanding of inclusion?

Inclusion is just to involve all pupils in that learning process, where we try to accommodate everybody according to their own needs, and therefore differentiate some of their ability to learn or do some things in that class, let's say, and diversity... I'm not familiar with that meaning, or it's quite unknown to me, so I don't know much about it yet…. university has not prepared us well for this.


I try to adapt to each individual, I mean, for example, Ukrainian pupils, which I can't evaluate for myself as well as others, so let's give them an example... we write a test and 2 minutes before the test I give them a moment of time, when we summarise the main points, what could appear in the test, if they understand the material and then we go to the test itself… it doesn't happen in the class, but either before or after the class, when I talk to the pupil, I want to get to know them more, what they are like, what they like in the class, what they don't like, and I think that this is important to get to know the pupil more because then you will have a better understanding of how to work with them.


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