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What does “open” mean to you?

Easily accessible means that it is clear that they exist, the information must be available, and continuing education [about OER] is needed.


The willingness of teachers to accept it and to recognize its useful added value depends on them seeing its use not as additional work, but as something meaningful.

What should a good OER look like in order to meet your needs?

The possibility of modifying is relevant because it allows the product to be adapted to the given context, depending on the class, difficulties and interests of the children.


When language exercises or apps are used in which teachers have included the corresponding vocabulary, people quickly ask how much can be adapted in them. So there is a great need for it.

What are the benefits/limitations of digitalisation for inclusive education?

I believe that one of the advantages of learning with digital media is that the learning progress can be individually designed by the children. [3,5] And that in the end it makes sense for the teachers and for the children.[…]

Languages are very diverse, including, for example, refugee children from Ukraine. Many of the languages spoken by the children at school are not mastered by the teachers. So it would be important to cover very many languages so that the children can understand the content.

What is your understanding of inclusion?

The idea of inclusion is that we are all part of the community and we should organize ourselves so that everyone has their place, also with their individual needs and abilities in the classroom.

What idea of inclusion guides your own professional practice?

My idea of inclusion is that every child, to the best of his or her ability, should be allowed to learn and be a part of the learning community. Everyone should feel comfortable in the learning community. Also, multiple professionals should be there to care for and support the children so that the responsibility is not just on one teacher who is then blamed when a child has not learned.

What are advantages/disadvantages of OER?

I appreciate the potential of adaptability of Open Education tools to heterogeneity, so that one can meet everyone and no one is under- or over-challenged.


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