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What is your understanding of digitalization in education?

The concept (digitalisation) is a big concept and hard because either you look at digitization as we throw in computers and then teaching becomes good, then we are digitized. Or it is actually about other things: what a computer is, how things are structured, to use for play, how adaptations are made, machine code or it can be about historical computational thinking.


This municipality has thrown out computers and digital gadgets and platforms (to schools) and then there is no consensus on one to use and how, what should we do with these then? Even if you are trained, it may not be the fact for your colleagues in how this specific tool should be used and why.

What are advantages/disadvantages of OER?

you can't just take things straight off [the internet] and think this is going to be good. You don't know the didactics behind it if you just take something. And it is not certain that it will be good, just because it exists. That's why we've gone to teacher training so that we have the didactics as well as with us as we evaluate if materials are good for our specific students and subjects

What are the benefits/limitations of digitalisation for inclusive education?

That’s what is good about this digital as well. It is that one can differentiate. That yes, we can do the same thing but at different levels

[…] It is rare that there is money for what we want and then you can be referred to these digital platforms and it is incredible for compensatory purposes for those who need to listen to text. Or those who need to listen and read, that's a very good way for them. […]

But research does not say that digital reading is the best, but sometimes for them for compensatory purposes it may be needed. But it is not good if we switch to only getting digital reading and not have physical books and that might worry me a bit. […]

What are advantages/disadvantages of OER?

I think it's a great opportunity for teachers to kind of be inspired and find yes, but so that you are stuck and want to find something exciting and go out on any of these platforms. People have been working on certain things, so there is an incredible amount that makes my teacher's everyday life much easier.


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