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Student / Learner

How do you define OER?

I confess that I was not familiar with the term open educational resources. It wasn't until you told me what it meant that I realised that these are the kind of materials that I normally use. I get my information mostly from resources and servers that are freely available and free. And most importantly, they are digital, available on the internet.

What are advantages/disadvantages of OER?

I think open resources and, therefore, digital resources are a total win and a great help, both for us students and for teachers. They save a lot of time and provide a lot of opportunities, information, materials and inspiration. After all, nowadays, we can find really everything we can think of on the internet.


The combination of resources is a great advantage for teachers, we can always combine resources and information to suit us and our students based on the wide range of resources available. We can tailor everything to our liking. So we can create tailor-made learning material for our needs. We can find information across a variety of subject areas.

What are the benefits/limitations of digitalisation for inclusive education?

The idea that comes to mind is that teachers' work is transforming compared to previous years in connection with inclusion, digitalisation and all that, and high demands are being placed on it.

What does your work with OER look like?

For now, I am a student, but I have encountered heterogeneity of students in my practice. I also had a placement in a primary school once and there OER simplify it according to their needs. When I teach, I will try to adapt the materials to suit all students and everyone will take something away from the lesson and learn something according to their ability. Combining and modifying OER always makes sense because it creates new materials that we can use in our teaching, and that can be interesting. As long as they are up-to-date.


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