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What are disadvantages of OER?

personally, I always feel that it's still a difficult topic because there's so much and you don't know where to find the good stuff and then sometimes you don't have the time.


Sometimes you have an idea in your head and then you need to find a suitable tool, e.g. to support writing. Then you don't know where to look for such a tool.


I have already experienced that I thought to myself at some point: I'll just do it myself now. Sometimes you know something from your training or studies, or you find something by chance.


I find websites very handy when teachers show them to you. Most of the time you find them by chance. But to search for them specifically is sometimes difficult.


Together with my friend I was looking for a tool for art education, which should motivate children to paint. Unfortunately, despite a search with specific keywords, we didn't find anything, so we had to look for a new idea or adapt our idea.

What are the advantages of OER?


Sometimes you can find texts from Switzerland that have a different spelling and are therefore difficult to use here because they might confuse the children. Such problems could then be avoided


Especially in Luxembourg, there are not many resources about your own country. But if you have something in mind, find something and can adapt it, that would be beneficial.


That's very exciting when you can simply adapt it. Names, for example, are often still very classic in texts. Many children don't know them anymore and can't identify with them. Or in terms of cultures, you can perhaps relate the text not to a Luxembourg holiday, but to another holiday that comes from a student's country of origin. In this way, you could take into account many more cultures and learn something about them.


It would be beneficial if you could take a material and shorten it, structure it differently, or change the font. Many children who still have problems with reading need a different font and use hyphenation differently.

What is your understanding of inclusion?

For me, it's always that everyone gets the resources they need. Not that everyone gets the same. For me, the limits of inclusion are that everyone works together in a group.

What are the benefits/limitations of digitalisation for inclusive education?

Digital sometimes overwhelms me because there are simply so many resources and you don't know where to look for them or how to use them. I think you can't do everything digitally, but you have to find a balance and use it selectively.


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