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What is your understanding of digitalization in education?

In education, digitization is quite good because it makes education easily accessible and because it works remotely. […]

The digital platform is very useful and a way for us students to communicate with each other and to communicate with the teachers at the university as well.

What are advantages/disadvantages of OER?

The advantages are that material becomes available and it does not disappear, but that it is available. Yes, there is something for everyone. Then you can choose best.

What does your work with OER look like?

There are reading aids, right? And then there are also spelling programs like this. The briefings also take place digitally. I would say 90% of texts are digital (during training), yes, very much, homework, everything is posted digitally. The computer has replaced paper and pencil and there are many spelling programs and such that you can use.

What is your understanding of inclusion?

The concept of inclusion has that many meanings and is so broad. It is everything from individual to group to context to social to the classroom situation. So, but I think, you have to think that the teaching materials and that inclusion should really cover everyone's needs in a group. […]

I see a greater variance of inclusion, actually with the students. And then everyone can sort of apply the teaching and material, you can, you can choose which way you learn best. So one does not exclude the other.

What are the benefits/limitations of digitalisation for inclusive education?

Digitalisation simplifies and inclusion by using precisely digital material in connection with briefings and so on. Then I think it's very good. Then everyone can follow.


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