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State of international research on OER

Otto, D., Schröder, N., Diekmann, D. & Sander, P. (2021) Offen gemacht: Der Stand der internationalen evidenzbasierten Forschung zu Open Educational Resources (OER). Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft 24, 1062-1085.


Collected by

Bielefeld University, DE


In this article, we survey the state of international research on OER using a systematic mapping approach to identify future research areas.

In addition to the classification and definition of OER, a look into the German state of research is taken, which reveals a lack of evidence-based approaches to the OER topic.

The systematic mapping consisted of screeing relevant literature, analyzing it on the basis of deductive-inductive categories, and capturing questions about foci and research methodological approaches to the topic of OER. Based on the results, the authors derive findings.

Among other things, the authors point out that there is a lack of research on the use of OER in school education - an aspect that is decidedly taken up by the DigiLLM project.




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