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ICT for learning literacy and mathematics

Agélii Genlott, A. & Grönlund, Å. (2016). Closing the gaps- Improving literacy and mathematics by ict-enhanced collaboration. Computer & Education, 99, 68–80.


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This study explores how ICT can be used to create digital learning environment that enhances learning literacy and mathematics through writing and communication. An important part is then that the electronic platform offers social and meaningful learning. A pre-assumption made is that ICT needs to be better connected to already well-known aspects of learning. The method of writing to learn combined with ICT shows big promise in that it leads to smaller gender-gaps, and that “under achievers” perform better than without these digital tools and socially oriented learning methods. To only use ICT individually, without the WTL method and social communication – was not good. Which indicates that it is important to use digital tools in accordance with methodology and knowledge on what constitutes and leads to sustainable learning.

Inclusion and Digitalisation: This concerns inclusion as underachievers and gender equity is in the fore. Also, all students learning is explored and what explicitly with the use of digital tools leads to good learning outcomes.

Feasibility for this project: This is a good text as it explores a diversity of students and literacy as well as mathematics, there is also knowledge in this article that helps to not make the mistake of thinking that the digital tool in itself will lead to good learning. There is a need to contextualize and to be aware of the classroom, teaching culture and individuals' needs.



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