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all school subjects and untypical subjects (not all completed yet)

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Target groups



Access, language, country of origin German, Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Polish, Japanese, Tamil

(not all completed yet)



Serlo Education e. V.



Serlo sees itself as a free learning platform, which is particularly aimed at learners and promises independent learning at one's own pace. This autonomy and adaptability of the "independent and self-responsible" learning process to learning levels and focal points of interest is emphasised several times. The proximity to the assumptions of constructivism is emphasised. The platform is supported by Serlo Education e.V. Explicit references to the quality criteria of Serlo's content can be found in an archived blog post from 2016, which reports on the Mathematics Quality Initiative and "17 Criteria for Excellent Content". In the information section on reviewing content, comprehensibility, logical structure, appealing design and relevance to the learners' lives are listed as criteria for content quality.



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