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Thematic scope

Protestant religion


Target groups

Teachers (all types of schools)


Access, language, country of origin german



Comenius-Institut Evangelische Arbeitsstätte für Erziehungswissenschaft e.V.



The sponsor of rpi-virtuell is the Comenius Institute Münster, funded by the Evangelical Church in Germany. Rpi-virtuell is a digital media library for religious educators. The available material is freely licensed, whereupon the easy adaptability is emphasised. The invitation is extended to teachers to set up their own blogs and feed their own material into them. If you participate more often, you can become an author and send materials directly to the material pool. All users are invited to submit material suggestions and to critically comment on existing materials. Rpi-virtuell undertakes a content review, thematic sorting and keywording. A large number of materials on the topic of inclusion and a dedicated topic page are available.



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