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OpenStax High School


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OpenStax is a project of Rice University, a nonprofit corporation aiming to “improve educational access and learning for everyone”. Focus is on publishing openly licensed college text books in English and Spanish, however, a small number of textbooks for high school (biology, physics, economics, statistics) and is also available. According to OpenStax, these are created by expert authors and professional content developers with expertise in their field, need to meet “standard scope and sequence requirements” and are being peer reviewed. Contributors to the book are listed. The books can be accessed online, downloaded or ordered as a print copy.

In addition to the textsbooks, an open and “culturally responsive” Algebra course/curriculum for K-12 has been designed ( The aim is to lessen the “achievement and opportunity gaps among underrepresented minority and economically disadvantaged students”. Parallely, OpenStax and Rice University conduct learning research “with a vision to promote a more inclusive and personalized learning experience for all”. Herein, the user’s participation is wanted. (

In this way, OpenStax actively refer to issues surrounding equality and inclusive access to education.



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