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OER's potential as a learning tool in teacher training programs

Müller, F. J. (2021). Open Educational Resources (OER) als Mittel und Gegenstand der Lehrkräftebildung – Zum Potential freier Bildungsmaterialien für heterogene Lerngruppen und die zweite Phase.


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Bielefeld University, DE


In the article, the concept of free educational materials is first presented and defined, and advice is given for concrete use in the seminar context, also with regard to the use of the various licenses.

In order to illustrate the potential of OER for dealing with heterogeneity, the concept is transferred to the second phase of teacher training. Müller starts with a definition of OER and outlines how learning in heterogeneous groups can be supported by OER. In doing so, he refers to the special possibilities of digitality to provide differentiated offers as well as the adaptability, changeability and shareability of materials.

The article takes up how OER can be a learning tool and a learning object at the same time and makes suggestions for integrating them into teacher training. Thus, it can guide the project work of DigiLLM, especially in the collaboration with (future) teachers.




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