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How do you define OER?

As a teacher, I create material in abundance, and by my moral standards, it's not mine. I ultimately create material for the students and the employer. That's why I think materials should be shared.

I don't lose anything by sharing, on the contrary, I gain a lot of feedback. […]

What are advantages/disadvantages of OER?

The publishers are bound quite differently. I also understand that they have a program and have to satisfy their authors and editors. But we are not so bound, we are much freer. […]

It's a funny thought not to publish something until it's perfect. That's not the point. I publish something when I think it's good and use it in class. Through feedback I can then improve it further, but perfect things don't exist. […]

You don't always have to reinvent the wheel. As a teacher, I look at things every day, take out what I need, put it together. You take something existing and adapt it to your needs.


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