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How do you define OER?

I know these are open-licensed resources. That is, for example, the various Creative Commons licences that allow you to freely use digital resources under certain conditions. I think it's important that as much material as possible is available as OER.

What should a good OER look like in order to meet your needs?

When I'm going through the material in a hurry, something has to catch my eye. It has to be innovative in some way, and it has to fit in with what I plan to do with the students at school. I choose a lot according to the topic, the time required for the material (time to implement), the target group for which the material is intended. It is also important for me who created the material - especially in the case of Czech authors.

What does your work with OER look like?

I put a lot on experience with material from other teachers. We often discuss materials with colleagues from our school and other schools. We do not check the quality of the material they post on the platform.

What is your understanding of inclusion?

From my point of view, inclusion is an educational environment that offers equal educational opportunities for all children, respecting their individual capabilities and needs. Diversity is then the result of inclusion - we have different children in the classroom who have different needs. In practice, I aim to ensure that every pupil learns to the best of their ability and feels respect and enjoyment of learning.

What are advantages/disadvantages of OER?

I think it is important with OER that they are in a format that allows teachers to modify the content to meet the needs and abilities of the children in a particular class. I see a lot of potential in this.


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