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What is your understanding of digitalization in education?

There can be elements in teachers' teaching and thus these lesson suggestions are also where digital tools can fulfill a function[…]. There is no end in itself to look for digital tools that can be used in teaching.

What are advantages/disadvantages of OER?

I have seen over the years how different attempts have been made to find some kind of these particular aspects of quality, to try to meet some kind of minimum level. What should be included in order to be able to call it a nice lesson or a well-thought-out didactic planning or whatever you call it?. As the number of platforms has increased, there is far too much rubbish. There are worksheets that are 90% air and then there are some pink flowers and then some have fill-in exercises and those are scattered with the speed of the wind much to the delight of the teachers. Which is both incomprehensible and very sad. Because it shows a rather low quality of the material and the ideas that the students then have to face.


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