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OER Commons


Thematic scope

all school subjects and untypical subjects


Target groups

Teachers (all types of schools, Universities)


Access, language, country of origin english






OER Commons is a public digital library of open educational resources. It is centered around the collection of resources but also centers the idea of creation and collaboration with “educators around the world to improve curriculum”. This way, the idea of communities of practice supporting the development of OER and corresponding infrastructures is of importance here. This approach is supported by offering tools like Open Author helping educators create and publish OER. Public or private “Groups” are offering a space to collaborate on the organization, creation, sharing and discussion of resources. This kind of commonality is highlighted on “Hubs” bringing groups of educators together working towards common goals as well as “Microsites” allowing users to share their personalized resource collection. According to this infrastructure, OER Commons expresses acknowledgement of the OER movement and the corresponding shift in educational practice being not only about cost savings but “participation and co-creation”. Comments and ratings are enabled along the lines of evaluative criteria.



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