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OER as a promoter of inclusion in higher education

Hays, L. & Mallon, M. N. (2021). Using OER to Promote Inclusion in Higher Education Institutions. Essays, OER for inclusion, 20–33.

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Bielefeld University, DE


The article discusses how using OER by reusing and repurposing course materials in north American classrooms in a higher educational context can create a more inclusive learning setting. The authors propose the understanding and implementation of OER as an inclusive pedagogical framework that promotes students' sense of agency and enables them to become producers and contributors of digital content and materials according to their learning preferences.

This text reminds the reader of the wide scope of possibilities that comes along with OER, open access and free licensing and provides inspiration on how to engage with material from a learner's perspective. It supports the notion to release digital material from the old "producer-user" logic and step into a more deep engagement with the learning resources at hand.




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