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Metodický portal RVP.CZ


Thematic scope

Digital learning materials (DUM),

all school subjects + special education needs (according to the specific needs, incl. foreigner, immigrants background…)


Target groups

primary and secondary school teachers;

+ preschool,

art schools,

special education, vocational


Access, language, country of origin




NPI – National Pedagogical Institute;

cooperating organizations: pilot schools, other organizations directly managed by the Ministry of Education, NGOs and non-government service providers.



Established as the main methodological support for teachers and to help implementation of national curriculum in schools. Its purpose was to create an environment in which teachers inspire and inform each other about their experiences. The support to teachers is offered through various tools – modules (articles, learning objects, webinars, EMA etc..), which we might call the repository – a database of materials.


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