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Methodology for quality assurance

Petiška, E., Dlouhá, J., Pospíšilová, M., Dlouhý, J., & Korhoňová, L. (2021). Metodika zajištění kvality otevřených vzdělávacích zdrojů pro vysokoškolské vzdělávání.[Methodology for quality assurance of open educational resources for higher education]. Univerzita Karlova.

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The methodology is the result of the research project on how to properly use and develop quality open educational resources (OER). It is focused especially on resources based on the MediaWiki software. OER are conceptualised and the use of OER is discussed in terms of the purposes and criteria of quality OER. The authors argue what prerequisites for the creation of quality online resources need to be provided, e.g. in terms of content, work of the editorial team, and technical parameters of the environment.




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