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Medienportal der Siemens Stiftung


Thematic scope


Natrual science subjects


Target groups

Teachers (all types of schools)


Access, language, country of origin German, English, spansish



Siemens Stiftung



The media portal of the Siemens Stiftung offers teaching materials for STEM subjects. It presents itself as a contact point for teachers to search for and use quality-checked, open and free teaching materials, but also has a student section (experiments, puzzles, educational games, etc.). The declared "mission" is to provide "more people worldwide with free access to high-quality STEM education". The adaptability of open educational media to cultural and didactic needs of different regions as well as to the individual prerequisites of learners speaks for this. Inclusive learning and heterogeneity are addressed on a separate sub-page and enriched with insights into corresponding scientific findings, methods and instructions for action. Inclusion and learning materials are thus explicitly placed in a context. The media portal of the Siemens Stiftung states that it "pays attention to a high professional and pedagogical-didactic quality", for which it has built up a network with experts from schools and universities. There is no more detailed information about this network or the exact procedures of quality assurance.



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