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Materialnetzwerk eG


Thematic scope

all school subjects

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Target groups

Teachers (all types of schools)



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Materialnetzwerk eG



The Materialnetzwerk (Material Network) is a non-profit cooperative that designs learning materials for "self-organised learning" at one's own pace and individual level. The concept and competency grids on which the development of learning materials is based were developed at the Alemannenschule Wutöschingen and thus "from practice". The materials go through correction loops and are tested by pupils. The materials are differentiated according to three levels (minimum standard, regular standard and expert standard) for grades 5-10. The competency grids are available for German and Maths and are intended to guide students in organising learning and making decisions about learning content. Stamp cards and certificates of achievement are used to track and document learning progress. As the materials are published under a free licence, they can be used freely and without charge. A paid subscription to a material editor is also offered, which allows for revision of the materials. Interested parties are actively invited to participate as authors, sponsors, developers, etc.



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