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Five Things to Criticize About OER

Konx, J. (2013). Five critiques of the open educational resources movement. Teaching in Higher Education, 18(8), 821–832.

Collected by

Bielefeld University, DE


The paper introduces the reader to the theme of open educational resources (OER), their origins, goals, and implementations. Furthermore, it works around a critical perspective on the discourse, focusing on reviewing, examining, and criticizing existing OER literature and theories, specifically in its implementation in higher educational contexts.

Knox provides a thought-provoking critique of the OER movement, sensibilizing the reader for how the OER project might foster a highly individualized learner subject that is fully responsible for his/her own learning process. By questioning the role of pedagogy and teaching within the OER realm, Knox reminds readers within the educational field to carefully consider the implications of popular concepts. Therein, the theorization of terms and concepts we are operating with becomes vital.




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