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Lee, H. J., & Han, C. (2022). Bringing digital resource decision-making up to date: preparing the inaugural class of digitalised preservice teachers for informed evaluation of digital resources. Journal of Education for Teaching, DOI: 10.1080/02607476.2022.2078692


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This qualitative case study aims to examine decision-making criteria used by preservice teachers in selecting and evaluating educational digital resources (EDRs). Twenty senior preservice teachers participated in the study, and each evaluated four EDRs using guided prompts. Open coding and text analysis on 77 EDR evaluations were conducted. Results indicate that preservice teachers’ prior experience in the field, both as a teacher or an observer, influenced their selection process. Features of EDRs considered in the decision-making process included types of EDRs, pedagogical and maths skill purpose, ready-made or adaptable, interactive or one-way, and cost. Also, five decision-making criteria used by preservice teachers in EDR selection and use were the primary benefit holder, function of EDRs, opportunity for improving mathematical skill, affordances, and constraints. Findings urged framing a new generations’ perspective on evaluating EDRs.




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