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Digital Pedagogies

Kearney, M.; Schuck, S.; Burden, K. (2022). Digital pedagogies for future school education: promoting inclusion. Irish Educational Studies, 41(1), 117–133.


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The article develops four school education scenarios to help educators consider the role of digital technologies in future teaching and to provoke discussion of how education might be done differently. The context for these scenarios is a world shaped by the COVID19 pandemic. The development of education scenarios is a useful device for thinking about the future and is often used as a methodology to stimulate discussion about possible variations in education. Empirical data from a recent study of Australian schools are used to illustrate exemplary remote teaching, to generate four alternative scenarios for future school education, with a particular focus on learning agency, and the level of educational technology use. The results show how different contexts and different student needs are supported by each of the four scenarios. The article discusses the place of innovation in disadvantaged and technology-restricted contexts. It concludes with an analysis of the ways in which school education might respond to future challenges and opportunities.




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