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Thematic scope

“competence centre“ Developing materials digitally


Target groups

Teachers (all types of schools, Universities)


Access, language, country of origin german



TU Hamburg | digital.learning.lab



The digital.learning.lab presents itself as the Hamburg centre of excellence for teaching in digital times and is linked to the TU Hamburg and the Institute for Technical Education & University Didactics. The content is oriented less towards subject areas and more towards the promotion of competencies along the KMK competency framework.

The digital.learning.lab does not understand the use of digital media as an end in itself, but wants to promote the competences of teachers and students "for creative participation in the digital world". The digital.learning.lab does not explicitly place participation in the foreground and is mainly located within the framework of the submission of own teaching modules or the use of further training offers. Neither of these is placed at the centre of the platform's mode of operation.


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