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Cultivating Multimodal Literacy

Danielsson, K. & Sellander, S. (2016). Reading multimodal texts for learning – a Model for Cultivating Multimodal Literacy. Designs for Learning. 8(1), 25–36.


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This study explores how teachers and students can be supported in their use of multimodal texts, as for example in the case of many digital tools for learning. They derive from a model in which certain “aspects of text” are taught to teachers and students, to pay attention to and understand how they together generate meaning. Namely: “the general structure, how different semiotic resources operate, the ways in which different resources are combined (including coherence), the use of figurative language, and explicit/implicit values” (p. 25). The example in the study is from printed textbooks but can easily be transferred to digital tools. To know the discourse in a subject and to be able to read the teaching material and how it communicates and represents knowledge – offers students to better understanding and navigate the learning process.

Inclusion and Digitalisation: These are not specifically mentioned or the core data in the study – but the content applies very well to how digital recourses can be used and understood by students.

Feasibility for this project: The perspective used shows that familiarity with materials and discourses of knowledge in different subjects can be made accessible for all students.




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