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Beyond one computer per student

Grönlund, Å. (2014). Att förändra skolan med teknik. Bortom en dator per elev. [To change school with technology. Beyond one computer per student] Örebro- Örebro universitet.


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In this publication, several experts display how digital tools was introduced in the Swedish schools. Digitalisation of Swedish schools was governed in such a way that a one-to-one solution was a demand. This means that each student was to be guaranteed a digital learning tool and to be able to and offered to use it in their everyday learning. The publication presents prerequisites to succeed with this school development and to make sure it benefits students learning. Challenges on national, organisational, classroom and individual levels are discussed. Amongst these, the principals and teachers' roles and key actors needed in order to make digitalisation work is pointed towards. The teacher can never govern or be in control of the internet for example. If and how the digitalisation of teaching and learning will be useful, sustainable and rewarding – depends largely on if and how the school and municipality has the recourses to use the possibilities of the technology. This applies to both the indicial, classroom and organisational level. The pool of resources needed includes sustaining teacher competence, to make sure students do not work only on their own, to develop a teaching culture and routines for teaching that leads to development of teacher knowledge, a well-planned use of and accessibility to pedagogical resources, a digital learning environment that is shared between and on schools and finally; do not replace teachers with computers. Learning is a social, communicative and cultural activity which demands a holistic understanding of digital tools and school development.

Inclusion and Digitalisation: Digitalisation is mentioned a lot, but not inclusion. Inclusion in learning and the use of and facilitating learning for every student is still in the core of the publication.

Feasibility for this project: This is highly interesting since it takes all aspects of digitalisation of education into account, and all students.




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