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What is your understanding of inclusion?

Inclusion as a social concept means making society accessible to all, and not just focusing on barriers faced by individual groups. The same rights and obligations for all also include the consideration of vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, which should be taken into account especially in digital media and technologies.

​​What are the benefits/limitations of digitalisation for inclusive education?

Inclusive media education means participation in media, media accessibility and the provision of resources, in this case educational resources. This quickly brings us to the topic of OER.

How do you define OER?

When I think of Open Educational Resources, for me it's about accessibility for all. […]

Inclusion should find its way into OER. This is what OER has to do with anyway: Promoting accessibility, dissemination, use, sharing of knowledge. A culture of sharing educational materials. […]

Open Educational Practices means an understanding and discussion of educational materials. Why is this material good? What can be used from it? What can you not use from it? How would I recommend it and why should I develop it further? What don't I like about it? Etc. […]

The trend right now is to share teaching and learning materials and content. Everyone thinks that's great. […]

The topic of OER has very good links to inclusion, in that accessibility is free of charge and materials can be changed. Of course, teaching and learning materials are also adaptable to different needs. That's easier with a Word document than with a PDF document, because you can edit it to make it accessible. I can make it readable on a screen reader, change the font size, optimize it for zooming, add more contrast, have it digitally read aloud, etc. It is adaptable to content and individual needs, i.e., internal differentiation is very possible with OER.

What are advantages/disadvantages of OER?

I don't think you can see the materials in isolation from each other. That's also a problem. OER is seen very much in terms of the material, but you always have to see the people who use the materials with it.

What are the benefits/limitations of digitalisation for inclusive education?

Community, community building and exchange are still central factors for me. The material on its own is not enough.


The ideal is that the community does the quality assurance and keeps correcting and developing itself. However, this is not always the case, and perhaps only in the rarest of cases.


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