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What is an OER for you?

A resource that is available to anyone who needs it. That means a resource that can be used, both by the educator to use it, but equally by the person being educated, so they can actually access and work with that resource.

​​What does your work with OER look like?

It depends on what type of resource it is. If it's an example of teaching material, for example, when I'm working with it in didactics, I'll use it mostly unchanged - as it is. And maybe we discuss it… For students I pick the examples and I use those in the activation elements… There is a difference between combined-form students and full-time students.

What should a good OER look like in order to meet your needs?

Better the material is described by the metadata - who it was designed for, what target group, what specific subject, how much time a student probably needs to work with the material ... just the data around here ... that I understand it… there is a classic reputation star system…

What is your understanding of inclusion?

In our country, inclusion has been limited to taking children who have some specific disorders, possibly a mental problem or a physical problem. Diversity, I think, is the same resource being offered in different formats, in different forms, according to different needs.

What are the benefits of digitalisation for inclusive education?

Digital technologies just make it possible for the text to be automatically read, translated, and enlarged. I can look up a concept that I don't understand.


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