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How do you define OER?

It becomes a bit difficult to define what is open and what is a learning resource. Almost anything can be a learning resource, it depends on what you are going to learn. And whether they're open, I think it's a bit of both. In a sense, there is a lot that is open, but at the same time, there is quite a lot today that has become more closed, if you think about news reporting.

​​What are advantages/disadvantages of OER?

I don't see that it's easy for everyone, if we're thinking here in terms of inclusion or equality, and guidance is required there as well. After all, you can get lost in texts as well, and like if there isn't one.. because writing a text has the advantage that there is a way through, but if you have a lot of different ones, it's more difficult. If you can then click on and on, it can easily get lost.

What is your understanding of inclusion?

Then you can always discuss the concept of inclusion, because it might in some way indicate that there is also exclusion because it is a bit of a double there. And sometimes it is perhaps also a concept that I experience, especially in the world of school, that you throw yourself a little bit [use without thought, throw around] like, just because you sit in the same room, you are included. And that is not true, I would like to say. […]


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