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Thematic scope

Templates for a reading theatre

support of multilingual reading


Target groups

Upper primary school and lower secondary school for students and teachers


Access, language, country of origin The site exists in German and English. The plays are in

German – English - Turkish

German – French

German – English - French

German - English

German - some migration languages, such as Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Arabic or Albanian.



European Erasmus+ funding program



The Erasmus+ project "Multilingual reading theatre to promote reading motivation and reading fluency" (MELT) was developed between 2014 and 2017 by cooperation partners from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg. The project develops a multilingual reading promotion measure to work on both reading fluency and reading motivation across languages. It is about different reading theatres, and the different roles speak different languages. All theatre templates can be downloaded as a Word document and adapted individually.



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