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Thematic scope

Part of; includes not only digital learning materials (DLM, in Czech DUM), but digital educational resources (DER, in Czech DVZ)

all school subjects + special education needs (according to the specific needs, incl. foreigner, immigrants background…)


Target groups

primary and secondary school teachers; special education, vocational education

(+ students + parents)


Access, language, country of origin It focuses on freely available resources created mainly in the framework of large, publicly supported projects



NPI – National Pedagogical Institute;

but collects resources from different providers (partners)



A catalogue of digital educational resources.

The concept is broader; for example, an e-learning course, a recording of a webinar, a video recording of a lecture, but also a methodological guide, a technical article or an interactive online exercise.

Brings together in one single place a database of links to openly licensed DigiER, otherwise stored on several different portals and websites (currently 34 partners – see )

In addition, it ranks them according to their popularity and quality (“reputation”), making it easier to navigate the search each resource is accompanied by labels


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